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What is Invisible Elders?

Old Begging Woman

Invisible Elders is a website dedicated to advocating for and protecting our elderly, especially those who are most vulnerable and isolated in long term care facilities. Maybe the question should be, "Who are invisible elders?"  They are our mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends and others who are aging, suffering declining health, and have no choice but to put their total trust in others for their care. Often, those others are total strangers who sometimes lose sight of the person within the body for which they care.

Why invisible? Sadly, those same elders, over time, lose their voices--both literally and figuratively. Because of their total dependence, they are many times too frightened to speak for themselves, or their declining physical or cognitive states render them unable to use their voices.  Without a voice, invisibility soon follows. They become "the resident in room 300," not the "Mrs. Blake, the beautiful woman who was an opera singer."

They need us. You. Me. All of us⏤to be their voices, and their advocates. To make sure they receive the compassion, respect, dignity, humanity, and love that they deserve.

To make sure they are seen, and not invisible.    

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