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Invisible Elders

Invisible Elders: The Short Film

One day, we were at the front door of the Nursing Home where our relative had been a resident, and paramedics wheeled in a smiling, frail, older woman on a stretcher. The receptionist animatedly welcomed this new resident to her new “home.” This is the same “home” where we uncovered abuse of our relative on hidden video. Our witnessing this woman embarking on this new phase of her life was the inspiration for this short film.

Our hope is that this video will be used as a sensitivity training tool for every staff member of every long term care facility, from the executives in administration to the front line caregivers, housekeeping and maintenance staff, kitchen associates, and every one in between. It is available for free download, and it hopefully will ignite⏤or re-ignite⏤compassion in those charged with one of the greatest honors and responsibilities of all: the care of our beloved elders.

Please be sure your sound is on for the video. Note: Audio does not begin until several slides into the video.

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